New Building Filing Standard at Classification (Field Surveyor) Point of View

During new building project, proper and order filing system is helpful tool for class field surveyor in order to monitor, check, review, and record all the process of newbuilding from the contract stage until delivery stage. The following document is prepared and carried out by new building surveyor, subcontractors, vendors, QA/QC department, commissioning department, Shipyard engineer, and other related body and eventually collected and filed by Class field surveyor.

The list also can be used by shipyard and ship owner to improve their quality system and prepare the supporting document from the commencement and can be considered as added value given by field surveyor, since classification nature is service company, which not only concern to their own rule and interest but also to the satisfaction of shipyard as their current customer or ship owner as their future customer.

To the ship building college student, the list is also can be used for better understanding how classification works and how every activity requires procedure and good reporting.

In the article is intentionally not include with sample report in order to protect document security policy of RINA Client, but if the reader still need sample report and procedure don’t hesitate to drop any question, or any other problem related to marine business to

The document list only applicable for general cargo type of ship, other type of ship of course need additional or maybe subtraction requirement.

RINA CD Rule will be distributed if reader interested.

  1. Contract/Project Document :
  1. Survey Request/contract between Classifications with Shipyard.
  2. Copy of Certificates issued by Classification
  3. Shipyard Facility Review (IACS URZ23 Table 2) =>
  4. Reply to shipyard letter
  5. Reply to Flag letter
  6. Keel Laying Statement (to know applicable rule) issued by Classification
  7. Launching Statement issued by Classification
  8. IMO no request form
  9. Kick off Meeting Minutes
  10. Filling up Ship Breakdown with reference to approved drawing and actual condition for Ship Technical Data Record
  1. Drawing and Plans :
  1. Approved drawing is printed and properly filed, if possible with Code (STR for Structure, CDS for Statutory, FPE for Firefighting, MAC for Machinery, IEL for electrical.
  2. Missing info to be printed and continuously monitored during the survey.
  3. Modification to approved drawing to be provided with flysheet drawing and discussed if major modification involved, Plan approval to be contacted.
  4. Plan approval letter also to be printed for additional information


  • Survey Report :
  1. Scheduled Inspection request and inspection report to be properly filed
  2. Unscheduled/patrol survey report to be properly filed
  3. Keel Deflection and Dimension Check report
  4. Dock trial procedure and report
  1. Navigation Light
  2. Watertight door / Hatchway hose test
  3. Ballast & Bilges system
  4. Cooling system
  5. Fuel Oil System
  6. Fire Detection / general Alarm system/PA
  7. Main Engine & Aux. Engine Safety device (over speed, high temperature, low lub oil pressure, emergency shutdown, Fuel leakage alarm)
  8. Load Test Generator and Governoor Test
  9. Remote Stop / Quick Closing Valve
  10. Blackout & Emergency lighting
  11. Ramp Door Function Test/load test => For LCT
  12. Deck Machineries test. (Towing Pin, Shark Jaw, Tugger Winch, Stern Roller) => For AHTS
  13. Watertight Doors alarm (If damage stability applied)
  14. Bilges Alarm (if AUT-UMS applied)
  15. Bollard Pull Test (if possible along with quick release of Towing Winch)
  16. Megger Test
  17. Alignment and Bolting down Test
  18. Engine telegraph :

* Sea Trial procedure and report with reference to IMO Res. MSC 137(76)
* Photo report of ship condition (Fabrication stage, installation stage, testing stage,      before delivery)
* Air test and Hydro-test report
* NDT Report

  • Quality Control :
  1. Shipyard workmanship standard (Welder Certificate, NDT technician Level 2 if shipyard do the NDT)
  2. Shipyard Quality Standard (WPS, weld repair, Fabrication, piping, electrical standard, procedure for air test, hydro test, dock trial, sea trial)
  3. NDT Plan (Butt and seam welding on the hull and deck, engine bed, any full penetration welding as deemed necessary by surveyor)
  4. Tank Testing Plan (Air test and hydrotest)
  5. List of Subcontractor and Service/vendor/NDT company to be provided for verification of their quality and procedure standard.
  6. Inspection Testing Plan to be agreed.
  • Material and Equipment
  1. Material Certificate and traceability to be available (in case bullet notation, BKI certificate is acceptable)
  2. Welding Consumable Certificate.
  3. Machinery and equipment certificate (class or manufacturer certificate as per RINA list)
  4. Traceability of Anchor and Anchor chain
  5. Verification of equipment name plate to Certificate report
  6. Clearance report of Tail shaft and Rudder Stock
  7. Blue fit contact report of Tail shaft
  8. Alignment report and cock fast report for main engine
  9. Tightening bolt of Propeller and rudder stock report
  10.  Engine parameter and safety device testing report by Main Engine and Auxiliary Engine (>110 kW) manufacturer or authorized company technician.
  11. Load test report of Alternator (>110 kVA) by manufacturer or authorized company technician
  • Statutory
  1. Record of condition of assignment of Load Line
  2. Lightship or Inclining report
  3. Freeboard assignment mark installation report
  4. Ship Registry (Surat ukur, surat laut) collected
  5. Flag Authorization for International Load Line Certificate issuance.
  • Others
  1. Anti-Fouling Certificate/statement form paint rep.
  2. Coating Tech File for Ballast Tank if applicable
  3. Ship Construction File (subject to SOLAS Chapter II-1 Part A-1 Regulation 3-10)
  4. Ship Particular
  5. List of Machinery installed on board

Source Original Article by Mr. Johanes Gospel : New Building Filing Standard Article

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