PT Donggi-Senoro LNG

Marine Coordinator

  • Coordinate and implement marine activities within DSLNG Terminal to ensure the berthing of the vessel is performed in safe, smooth, efficient and cost effective manner in full compliance with Company, National and International Maritime rules and regulations.
  • Monitor and coordinate the maintenance of berthing facilities and technical services in port to ensure all facilities are in optimum condition.
  • Coordinate and document all Marine Vessel Services contract to ensure all contracts are properly documented and well administered.
  • Coordinate, monitor and execute controls and services on safe access and maneuvering of ships visiting the Terminal, including verification of check list to ensure pre-arrival checks and equipment readiness and verification lines of communications of cargo operations.
  • Review and analyze the policies of Marine, Navigational and Port Security decision making in order to provide input for Policy development and improvement
  • Implement QHSE regulation within his/her area of responsibility in order to minimize any possible risk and comply with company and government regulation
  • Maintain and implement a comprehensive list of vetting criteria to ensure availability of criteria for vessels accepted to call at the Terminal according to minimum standards of safe operations and are compatible with the berth.
  • Provide input, as part of the waterfront operations team, control and costs to ensure control in place and minimization of demurrage costs to expedite vessels safe loading and minimize duration of stay.
  • Coordinate and monitor the mooring crews’ activities that are related to berthing of marine vessels to ensure crews are properly trained.

Job Qualifications:

  • Academy Degree in Maritime, or
  • Bachelor degree in in Nautical Science / Marine Engineer (CoC Class – 1 Marine Master Certificate / Marine Engineer)
  • Port Expert Certification
  • Certified Master Marine Master class-1 / Marine Engineer class-1 certificate IMO standard
  • Holding valid pilots class-1 license with minimum 5 years’ experience on pilotage (preferred LNG and oil tanker) issued by DGSC (For Marine Master class-1 certified)
  • Minimum 3 years of experience ashore in a management capacity in a Terminal and/or Government or other authorities, in which 2 years as a Senior Officer in oil or gas tankers, or
  • Minimum 3 years of experience onboard any liquid gas vessels as Senior Officer.

Specific Conditions:

  • Contract Base (1 year of contract at initial stage subject to be permanent)
  • Willing to be based at Site

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