Green Gold Technology

GREEN GOLD TECHNOLOGY is mineral project development and production partner. We offer one stop solutions including operational advisory, bankable feasibility studies, in-house laboratory, engineering, management and operational services, capacity building, plant construction and innovative technologies that are industrially proven. Our mission is to help mining companies maximize returns by making their new or existing mineral project more economical, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

To strengthen the existing Project Management and Geology team, we are looking for candidates to fill the role as follow:

Senior Procurement Analyst

Your duties will include:

1. Prepare and proceed the tender to source goods and services within the targeted service level. Tender process shall comply to the Green Gold Technology procedures.

2. Develop Term and Payment for services and material purchase and liase with supplier Term and Condition.

3. Conducting reviews and considering legal aspects of contract award & administration.

4. Outsource partnership with supplier and contractor.

5. Clarify and collect all relevant information and specifications to ensure that goods or services that are going to be purchased are meet user requirement.

6. Provide Contract agreement with Contractor, Supplier related to commercial agreement that incorporate with Commercial Manager.

7. Develop procurement/ contract award system.

8. Preparing Request for Quotation (RFQ)and drafting commercial bids and tenders, estimating the costs of a project and ensuring that the costs are controlled

9. To seek opportunity of economic supply goods and services to achieve cost effective. Obtain report of procurement savings to achieve annual procurement savings target.

10. Attending regular originator meeting and acts as procurement representative in providing services and collect originator feedback for continuous improvement of procurement services.

11. Provide comprehensive, accurate documents and auditable (electronic and/or manual record system) for all contract. Ensure that critical documents related to monitoring compliance with contract conditions are provided to administration section.

12. Comprehensive material & invoice tracking that will be used for project team to control material update and payment.


1. Minimum Bachelor degree in Engineering, Supply Management or related field with minimum 8 years in procurement with demonstrated good financial management, inventory control, purchasing management skill and tender management.

2. Strong leadership and interpersonal skills, strong in negotiation and has wide network, good analytical; conflict resolution, sound decision making skills, team player and able to work with minimal supervision, excellent communication skills in English both verbal and written and computer literate.

Senior Mine Engineer

Your duties will include:

1. Mine design, pit optimization, mine stage planning, scheduling, LOM planning, waste dump design, and TSF design. Equipment selection.

2. Estimation / classification of Reserves as per JORC / Code KCMI.

3. Contribution to development of formal Reserve Statements and to development of financial models.

4. Ongoing review / improvement of modelling / estimation processes / procedures / methodologies and development of group specific standards.

5. Team development and recruiting for junior and intermediate positions.

6. Preparation of internal reports, feasibility studies, and prospectivity assessments.

7. Lead role in promotion of international best practice standards across all aspects of the mine design / planning process and commitment to continuous improvement by regular review / process audit.

8. Help with preparation of reports / presentations to ESDM to fulfill statutory governmental reporting requirements and with preparation and delivery of monthly reports to the Geology Manager / CEO.


1. Minimum Bachelor degree or Master degree in Mine Engineering with minimum 5 year experiences in gold mine project.

2. Proficient in mining principles, mine design concepts & operations, proven skills in 3D Geological / Mine scheduling tools such as Micromine, Minescape, Xpac, Talpac.

3. Strong leadership and interpersonal skills, good analytical, responsible and adaptable, Excellent communication skills in English both verbal and written and able to think creatively when developing and designing solutions to projects.

Planner / Material Coordinator

Your duties will include:

1. Planning for construction activity and liaise with project team with Project Management Office for outsource for material and labor.

2. Create and maintain overall construction schedule, that consist civil, structure, mechanical, piping and Electrical/instrument discipline.

3. Create and maintain three weekly ahead schedule as guidance for construction team.

4. Provide daily plan activity that integrated with three weekly look ahead schedule.

5. Provide material tracking from supplier and subcontractor

6. Material inspection for mechanical, electrical and instrument gear.

7. Provide handover material between subcontractor, or between supplier or client.

8. To provide accurate and timely reports as required.

9. Monitor all inventory orders, using the documented data on orders to analyze supply and demand and make inventory projections


1. Minimum Bachelor degree in Engineering, Supply Chain or related field with minimum 8 year experiences in gold mine project.

2. Familiar with tendering process for services and material, knowledge for managing documentation in proper manner, good time management, teamwork, task orientation and conscientious, good understanding related project life cycle, demonstrating knowledge of supply chain management, Able to work independently with minimal supervision, Excellent communication skills in English both verbal and written



If you want to take your career to a new level and be involved in an exciting workplace, please send your complete CV by quoting Your Name – Position Title on the email subject to no later than 2 weeks from the date of publication.

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