1. To ensuring that vessels continue to meet the standards and criteria required by internal and external requirements
    2. To ensure all vessels in Operation area are ready for operation activities.* MAIN ACCOUNTABILITIES :
    1. Budget setting and management:
    – Manage the Port Engineer and Fleet technical budget for the site Budgetary planning RM and PMS, Deck, Engineering, Accom, Hull & HSE requirements monthly and annual budgets require for each vessel in the site fleet responsibility, report to Site Manager & Technical Financial controller in HO
    – Manage the Technical Budget process with the Port Enginner and fleet technicians
    – Monitor the procurement costs against budget monthly and annually, coordination with Technical Financial Controller in HO and Site Manager

    2. Setting tasks for daily / annual technical management of vessels:
    – Setting KPI’s for the technical management team at site which are cascaded from Technical GM in HO
    – Managing tasks and tecnical operations priorities with Port Engineer and Staff
    – Undertaking regular condition reports on all vessels in the fleet
    – Maintaining quarterly inspection program
    – Overall management of vessels Routine Maintenance plan in conjunction with vessels Site Tech team, Port Engineer, Captains & C/E
    – Priotising Jobspecifications with Port Engineers from condition reports for: Daily/Weekly/Monthly crew routine management The Next Docking Jobspec Undertaking regular (Quarterly) HSE audits and submitting monthly vessel inventory reports ensuring Inventory checks aboard all vessels

    3. Ensuring Daily/Weekly/Monthly collect & monitor and Sending of – Vessel information from the Site technical teams to Jakarta office:
    – All running hours from all vessels (Via Port Engineers)
    – Routine maintenance performed aboard vessels weekly (via Site Planner to HO)
    – Maintain a vessel Inventory list from Captain-C/E of all vessels, and communicate to MTS/Site Manager / Jakarta in Monthly basis
    – Monitor monthly budget v.s Actual procurement, RM and PMS, Accom, HSE running expenses; Comminicate all Docking Job Specifications to (via Planner & PMS HO)
    – Verify Jobspec Management & quality with OS in Shipyard
    – Assist OS, MTS with dockyard inspections and condition reports where available 4. Contractor Management On behalf of MBSS, manage the contracted workforce, Job Specification, Safety Risk assessments, completion timelines, quality of work; Liase with Procurement and Supply chain team Jakarta in evaualting performance of contractors, according to the MBSS HSE contractor management process
    – Maintain a contractor database in Site for all local companies; Assist PE/Site Manager/Planner/Docking Manager (HO) with procurement of local contractors on an as needed basis for additional jobs and variances to agreed Job Spec
    – Conduct safety breifings for contracts working on board MBSS vessels in dock, in conjunction with Site HSE team; Report HSE risk assesments, Near Misses, LTI’s, MTC to the Site HSE team.


    1. Bachelor in Marine Technical
    2. 10 – 15 years of experience in maintenance, maintenance planning and condition monitoring in manufacturing, logistics, heavy equipment or shipping related industry
    3. Good knowledge of Docking Management; Fluent in the speaking, reading and writing of English
    4. Computer skills for using the technical soft wares, and basic computer programs
    5. Good knowledge in project management software on planning & programming, MS projects, enterprise resource planning software, etc
    6. Good knowledge in drafting technical letters & reports
    7. Good communications and initiative skills* ROLE :
    1. Responsible in provide the schedule of dry docking of all vessels, in order to minimize the impact to the operational
    2. Maintain the special survey schedule in order to ensure the survey is going well; by provide the proper agreement with shipyard.

    1. Working closely with Legal Department in order to make agreement with some shipyards to make sure dock space as our schedule, price negotable in the beginning
    2. Prepare some auxiliary engine assy
    3. Undertake pre-docking work list specifications to identify critical tasks, spare part requirements, downtime and budget estimates
    4. Work with Procurement to prepare spares lists and identify pre-order timelines for machinery overhaul to prevent ordering delays for parts
    5. Identify with Procurement bulk purchase opportunities across the fleet
    6. Assess fleet timelines which approach Special Survey 3 (SS3 – 15 year age), and evaluate the cost/benefit of maintaining asset versus capital spend – management to make decision
    7. Conducts performance review of Docking team member
    8. Monitoring the Docking engineer’s utilization to ensure balance between work load and family
    9. Travelling to shipyards for inspection, troubleshooting, training for team member and docking
    10. Provide proper docking report regularly – docking activities and team performance.


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